What is Church Facility Management Solutions?

Church Facility Management Solutions is a community of church facility practitioners, professionals, volunteers, paid staff, pastors, deacons, trustees and nearly every type of church personnel. Your free membership in this online community will grant you access to the following:

Receive two weekly emails with foundational information to assist you, your team and your church be up-to-date on the critical data, means, and methods needed to be proactive and intentional.

Every month we will host a free webinar for members that will provide sessions led by industry professionals from around the country.

It is just not possible to lead a proactive facility management initiative by yourself. You need the wisdom, experience, and knowledge from a community of people involved in these activities every day.

Tools, tools, and more tools. Resources will be made available that will give you data, information, and functioning tools to further your facility management initiatives.

Most churches will have the need to call on the skills and professionalism of vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors at some point. But who can you trust that understands working with churches and will give you a fair price? Our Vetted Vendor list helps you immediately locate those companies.

Many things can be learned by reading and listening to webinars. But there are other times you need professional training and consultation. Our team of Facility Professionals can come alongside you to give you that extra boost.